A downloadable game for Windows

Neon Galaxy is a twin-stick shooter inspired by Descent, because you fly into an asteroid mine, defeat enemy robots, destroy the reactor and then escape, and by Spelunky, because the maps are procedurally generated for a new experience every time you play. The visual look and feel is inspired by classic vector games such as Tempest and Omega Race.


  • Fast arcade action!
  • All-new maps every time you play!
  • Sixteen levels divided into four distinct worlds!
  • A wide variety of smart (somewhat) and hostile (definitely) robots!
  • Eight weapons which stack with each other for devastatingly unfair combinations!
  • Valuable loot and persistent ship upgrades to collect!
  • A terrifying final boss!
  • An aggravatingly hidden secret level!
  • Cool music!
  • Completely mod-friendly -- mod documentation included!

To follow the progress of this and other releases, visit the Mayfly Studio Tumblr.

Install instructions

Create a directory and unzip Neon Galaxy.zip into it, then run Neon Galaxy.exe to play. If you see the Windows SmartScreen dialog when running for the first time, click on "More info" and then "Run anyway."


Neon Galaxy.zip 25 MB